Founded and owned by two former federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, Bonnie Jonas and Tiffany Moller, who have each overseen some of the largest monitorships in the country. Pallas Global brings 25 years of experience and expertise to assist corporations and organizations, government agencies, and courts in high stakes situations to prevent and detect misconduct, and improve overall corporate integrity. Pallas Global brings credibility, efficiency and unimpeachable integrity to each engagement.

Monitorships are imposed with increasing frequency by government-mandated resolutions and court orders requiring companies and agencies to carry out internal reforms. Public and private institutions may proactively retain monitors to ensure ethical practices. During such a critical time for an organization, Pallas Global brings unmatched experience, integrity and credibility with regulators, government agencies and courts. Pallas Global provides independent, unbiased third party reviews to prevent illegal, unethical and non-compliant activity.